Get your Holland Yearbook Pictures Now

Get your Holland Yearbook Pictures Now
Posted on 09/12/2019
Holland Studios has sent picture proofs home by email for your child’s Fall Portrait. The email will contain the student’s picture proof with a unique student pin number and ordering information.

You will have the following options to order your pictures:

Online - fastest, most effective way for ordering - with your student’s individual unique student pin number. Orders print and ship within 48 hours of being received. (shipped to your home)

Phone - call Holland Studios directly to order (shipped to your home)

Orders placed online and by phone will be mailed to the address entered for shipping and will be charged a shipping fee. You are able to combine multiple children’s fall portraits into one order to save on shipping costs too.

Arlington High School receives a portion of the sales from picture orders. We ask that you order within the deadline set by Holland Studio. Orders placed after the deadline may not be counted towards the school’s final total.

If you have not received a link for your child’s photo, please feel free to contact Anne Fortwengler at Holland Studio to have a link sent to your email. She can be reach either by email, or by phone, 901-362-1818.