AHS Student Council selected to host convention

AHS Student Council selected to host convention
Posted on 10/30/2019
Article written by Arlington High Student Council Sponsor Sarah Kelley

This past, Saturday through Monday, 11 members of the Arlington High Student Council attended the 85th Annual Southern Association of Student Councils Convention.

This annual convention encompasses 15 states and features workshops, roundtables, and speakers to help students work on their leadership skills and find new ways to improve their schools. AHS Seniors Taylor David and Lauren Voelker presented a workshop on Freshman Orientation titled “We are all beginners too”.

This year was extra special for AHS as well. Arlington ran for the position of President-Elect of SASC and was elected to the position! Sophomores Sophie Gilliland and Sophie Holem ran as the representatives and gave two different speeches. The entire council campaigned and performed a skit highlighting their qualifications. Thanks to their election, Gilliland and Holem will be on the SASC Executive board for the next two years and, in the fall of 2021, Arlington will host the 87th Annual SASC Convention!

Advisors Sarah Kelley and Andrew Sossaman could not be prouder of their members. “I have shed happy tears all weekend over this," Kelley said. "These kids are so wonderful and have truly embodied every awesome quality Arlington represents. They know the hard work that is coming in the next two years, and they have happily accepted the challenge. I can’t believe how much this group has changed in the eight years I have been here.”

Coach Sossaman has only been with the council for two years but has become an integral part of the leadership. “I am so proud of every one of them," Sossaman added. "From the two Sophies in the lead to the seniors who know they won’t be here for the next step but still poured their hearts into the weekend and set the example, I am proud. From the new members who came to a new experience and jumped in with both feet to our own Kennedy Funk who sacrificed the spotlight to grab the amazing photographs, I am blown away by their work ethic and willingness to support.”

Arlington Student Council will continue all of its normal work around the school and community while preparing for this convention. If you see a member of this council, congratulate them and feel free to offer some support. They will need it as they prepare for the 87th SASC Convention!