Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements
To meet state and local requirements for graduation, all students shall have achieved the specified 22 units of credit, taken the required end of course exams, and have a satisfactory record of attendance and conduct. 

English:  4 credits
Students must be enrolled in an English course each year.

Math:  4 credits
Including Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and a fourth higher level math course (Students must be enrolled in a mathematics course each year.)

Science:  3 credits
Including Biology, Chemistry or Physics, and a third lab course

Social Studies:  3 credits
Includes one credit in U.S. History & Geography (Standard, Honors, or AP), one credit in World History & Geography (Standard, Honors, or AP) or AP European History or AP Human Geography, and 1/2 credit from U.S. Government and Civics (Standard or AP), and ½ credit Economics (Standard or AP).

Wellness:  1 credit

Physical Education:  0.5 credits

Personal Finance:  0.5 credits

World Language:  2 credits
Two credits must be obtained in the same language in consecutive grade levels.

Fine Arts:  1 credit

Focus Area: 3 credits
Electives focused on a particular concentration beyond the CORE requirements in one of the following areas: Math and Science, Career and Technical Education (CTE), Fine Arts, Humanities, or Advanced Placement (AP)

High School Courses Taken in Middle School 
Students taking Physical Science and/or Algebra I Honors and/or Foreign Language prior to entering high school must take an additional 4 units of mathematics, 3 units of science and 2 years of the same foreign language in grades 9 -12 in order to meet Tennessee Diploma Project graduation requirements. Elective credit will be awarded at successful completion of the course.

Area of Focus
Each student must have 3 electives in a single area:
Area of Focus
Advanced Placement (AP)

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Fine Arts


Math and Science
Courses Included
A total of 3 credits will satisfy the requirements for this focus area- above the required graduation requirements.

Students must earn 3 or 4 credits in one of the CTE programs of study.

If a student chooses Fine Arts as a focus area, he or she must earn 3 credits in addition to the 1 credit that is required for every graduate.

To have a Humanities focus, a student must earn 3 credits in addition to the 4 English credits, 3 Social Studies credits, and 2 Foreign Language credits required for graduation.

The Science and Math focus area requires a student to enroll in 3 or more additional science or math courses.