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Arlington Online offers a unique approach to traditional schooling that combines both instruction with an Arlington Community Schools teacher and independent learning at home. As an Arlington Online student, you will be assigned to an Arlington Community Schools teacher who is licensed in the grade/subject area of your courses. Teachers will communicate learning expectations with you through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, email, phone calls, and other Arlington Online learning platforms.

Online learning with Arlington Online requires discipline and structure to earn school credit. Students will need to be self-motivated to attend class and complete their work on time.

Below you will find resources to help you be successful in Arlington Online.

AHS Arlington Online Technology Overview Session

Getting Started

If you want more information about the Arlington Online program, visit the ACS Arlington Online website.  

Essentials for Online Learning

Email is the main form of communication you will use to contact your teachers. The Outlook app must be checked each day, often many times throughout the day. 
--Click here for email setup stepsheet
--Click here for email setup how-to video

Schoology is our virtual learning environment that allows for students to access course materials, assessments, and other important information/announcements. Access in the app or by going to 
--Click here for Schoology login stepsheet
--Click here for Schoology login how-to video

PowerSchool is a web-based application that allows students to access real-time assignments, grades and attendance. Access in the app or by going to
--Click here for PowerSchool login stepsheet

Zoom is used for teacher and student virtual meetings. All students must have an ACS authenticated account to join their class Zoom sessions. 
--Click here for Zoom authentication stepsheet
--Click here for Zoom authentication how-to video

Edgenuity is a flexible, online curriculum that is used to enhance instruction and learning for students. Access in the Classlink app or by going to
--Click here for Edgenuity login stepsheet
--Click here for an overview of Edgenuity from the student view

Other tips for Edgenuity:
--The first time you open the program, you must watch the introduction video until the end. 
--If you need to access the microphone, click here for the stepsheet. 

Tech Difficulties?

Happy Fox is our tech ticketing system used for any device in our district. 

If you have any problems with your iPad (screen, keyboard, case, etc) or programs, you need to submit a Happy Fox ticket. 
--Visit on any device to submit a ticket.
--Click here for Happy Fox how-to video

Check the email address you provided for a response from the tech department. 

Organizational Strategies

Organizational Strategies
Staying organized while you are working from home might be difficult. Here are some strategies on how to keep you organized in the virtual setting as well as a guide to learning from home. 

--Link your Schoology calendar to your iPad calendar (iCal) to keep everything in one place.
-Click here for how-to video. 

--Utilize the Notes and Reminder apps on your iPad. 

--Pickup a daily planner from your school's main office.

--Login to Schoology, PowerSchool, and Classlink on your phone (or other device).

--Have a physical space dedicated to school learning.

--Follow your daily schedule. Start your day at 7:00am to end by 2:00pm. 

Parent Support

--Parent access to Schoology can be obtained by emailing 

--Go to or use the Schoology app to login. 

--You can view course materials, assignments and updates for your child's courses. 

--Click here for a parent video that explains how a mother uses Schoology access to support her child at home. 

--Click here for a video that explains how to navigate your child's courses in the Schoology app

Access your child's grades and attendance by using the PowerSchool app or at
--Click here for an overview of PowerSchool and Schoology

--Watch this video for an overview of Edgenuity and what to expect while working in the platform. 

I Still Have Questions

Read more about Arlington Online here

Your classroom teacher is the best point of contact when you having questions about assignments or grades.

You can also contact your grade level guidance counselors to schedule a conference and for ways to best support your child at home. Contact information can be found here