Attendance Policy

All excuse notes are required to be turned in within 48 hours of a student returning to school after an absence.

If a student accumulates/exceeds 10 absences they are required to have a medical statement for future absences. A notice will be mailed to parents.

If a student has 5 or more unexcused absences they are considered truant and warning notices will be mailed to parents.

Compulsory Attendance forms for driver's permits:
The student must sign the request log in the attendance office Monday- Thursday. The forms will be ready to pick up on Friday after 12:00PM in the Attendance Office.

Check-In/ Check Out:


All Grades

  • Check-outs for Medical Appointments- students must return to school the next day with a doctor's note and turn it in directly to THE ATTENDANCE OFFICE in order for the check-out/absence to be excused.

9th and 10th Graders

  • Parents are required to check students in & out of school in the Attendance Office.
  • 10th grade drivers who drive to school must still be checked in & out by a parent.
  • Students may check in alone with a valid Doctor's note.
  • Parents must show a picture ID when checking out a student.

11th &12th Graders

  • Students must bring a parent note at the time of check in.
  • Students have until 7:30amto sign themselves in.
  • After exceeding checking in tardy 5 times, a parent is required to sign the student in.
  • Students may check in with a valid Doctor's note.
  • Students may check out as long as a parent note is provided to the attendance office before school. No faxes or emails will be accepted.
  • Parents must show a picture ID when checking out a student.

Attendance secretary email addresses: